17th Feb, 2020 - 29th Feb, 2020 for COSTCO

<aside> 💡 Summary: We improvised, designed and tested the overall search and navigation experience of a popular eCommerce website "COSTCO" through a user-centric design thinking approach.

Duration of the Project: 2 weeks



We started this as collaboration project for UX Design Contest by Adam Ruf. Niharika, brought in the idea of redesigning the COSTCO platform as she was a regular and loyal customer who used to buy products very often. However, she always wondered why she and her husband preferred going to the shop and purchase stuff if she could do all her shopping online. It was then that we picked up this website for redesigning venture.

<aside> 💡 We had two weeks to finish the project for submission, and hence we decided to plan the redesigning process we are going to follow. We used a website called Click up to make our life easier.


Highlighting The Problem

User's Problem

  1. Customers prefer going to in-stores more rather than using the online platform for purchasing products.
  2. They spend a lot of time searching for various products on the platform.
  3. They experience a lot of friction while using the application due to its poor navigation.

Business Problem

  1. The online platform of COSTCO only serves 4% of the overall business revenue.
  2. The customers are somehow not happy using the online platform.

The Role Players

The team was of two members who are self-taught UX Designers and are currently pursuing their certification courses. Hence the expertise level during this project can be considered average.